4 Common In-Store Music Mistakes to Avoid.

We’ve talked storea lot about the benefits of having an in-store music solution, but what’s equally important is making sure you’re getting the most from it! Here’s a list of some common mistakes to avoid when it comes to optimizing your in-store radio program.



Playing Music That Your Customers Don’t Like



Your favorite band might not work for your customers. Make sure your music choices don’t alienate your cu

stomers or the effects of the music could backfire! A good background music program should be centered on what most of your customers already enjoy, not to introduce them to your new favorite artists.

The Wrong Volume

Louder music has been shown to increase sales, but too loud can be just as bad as not loud enough. Make sure your store’s music is loud enough to hear, without overwhelming your shoppers.  And don’t forget that your background music should be turned up when your business is busy.    The ambient noise your customers add to the environment can make the music


hard to hear.

Licensing Issues


A huge issue is using music without paying the licensing fees.   With very few exceptions, you can’t use a radio station or a streaming service as your background music source.  In fact, you could be fined if you do so and the licensing agencies could actually fine you for previous months or years!   Also, if you use radio, you have no control over the songs that are played.  Make sure you have a legal right to play music in your business.

Poor sound quality

You get what you pay for! If you have an inferior sound system, customers will hear the difference. A full and robust background music audio system will let your customers know you’re serious about giving them a quality experience. Make sure you send your message loud and clear with a professional and up-to-date speaker and amplfication system.


Using a professional background music vendor is a good way to avoid all of these mistakes. It’s the simplest way to make the most of your business’ music program and free up more time for you to focus on other aspects of your business.