Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I choose the kind of music that I would like to play in my business?

Question MarkYes. We will create a custom, commercial background music format designed specifically for you. You can have as much input in its design as you would like.

2. Is it possible to put the music program on my telephone music on hold system?

CustomBackgroundMusic2Yes. Because we will be paying the music licensing fees on your behalf, your customers can listen to popular, familiar music and your messages while they are on hold.

3. Is the commercial background music you offer familiar and by the original artists?

Yes. We pay all of the licensing fees on your behalf. We have access to all of the music that your customers and your employees want to hear. Everything is recorded by the original artists.

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4. How can you assure me that the music doesn’t include any objectionable lyrics or content?

All of our music is thoroughly vetted for lyrics and content before it ever makes it onto one of our playlists.

5. I don’t have speakers in my business. How can I play music in my stores?

Sound-System-EquipmentWe can design an efficient and economical plan for sound systems in your stores.

6. Can I test the music system in my business before we make a final decision?

Absolutely. We can arrange to send an MTI Kalipso receiver for you to test quickly in a location of your choice.

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7. My customers are young and very hip. How do you keep my playlist fresh and current?

In addition to our full time veteran programmers, MTI employs music consultants from all music genres to keep our music and yours current and on trend. The music can be updated as often as once a week.

8. This program isn’t in my budget, but I’d like to add it in my stores. I can’t afford to pay for all those music players for all of my sites at one time.

CustomBackgroundMusicWe will build the price of the music player into the low monthly fee. You won’t have to come up with any money upfront.

9. We have relationships with several up and coming artists and we’d like to include their music in our program.

No problem. Just tell us what you’d like to include and we’ll make sure that it will happen.

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10. We’d like to run our radio advertising on our music network. Can we do that?

Promotional-MessagingOf course. Just send the messages over to us in almost any format and we’ll put them into the program as often as you want and at the times you specify.

11. The holiday season starts early in our stores. Would it be possible to play holiday music starting on November 1?

bellsYes. You can select the dates and the amounts of holiday music to play that will work for you and your promotions.

12. Our company runs regional promotions. Can we send different messages to different locations?

Many MTI customers take advantage of the flexible programming options we offer. Sending local or regional messages to specific sites is among MTI’s most popular features.

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13. Will MTI help us write and produce messages to include in our program?

We were the pioneer in creating custom background music programs that include vendor and promotional messages. Professional scriptwriters are available to our customers to create compelling messages. Our stable of professional broadcast announcers includes dozens of voices covering every ethnicity, regional accent, and gender.

14. Why should I choose MTI Digital?

handshakeWe’ve been in business for nearly 30 years. We’ll be around for at least another 30. We have never lost a customer and all of our customers rave about our music and our customer service.

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