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Learn More from these Background Music Case Studies

The following Background Music Case Studies showcase the tangible impact and transformative power of our custom music solutions across a variety of businesses. At MTI Digital, we understand that the right background music can significantly enhance the customer experience and reinforce a brand's identity. This page is dedicated to sharing real-world examples and success stories of how our tailored music services have made a difference in diverse business environments.

A Custom Music Format for a Special Event

CustomBackgroundMusic2A convenience store chain was coming up on its 50th anniversary in business. They asked us to create several special music formats to celebrate the event. The concept was to run each custom format featuring a particular decade of music for two weeks during the summer of their anniversary. Our programmers created formats spanning each decade from the 60s to today. The promotion was a huge success, prompting customer raves and coverage in the press. We always go the extra mile to deliver creative content for our customers.

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Speed: Converted a 1,400 Store Chain to Our System in Less Than 40 Business Days

runningA major jewelry retailer came to us because they wanted to improve their music program. Although they were incredibly enthusiastic about our program, they were very concerned about the timing of installing our system. The holiday season is the most important sales time for them and they wanted our system in before the start of the holidays. We were able to install over 1,400 stores in less than 40 business days, only working from 10am-4pm. Oh, and we had to exclude Fridays and weekends from our schedule . . . and, we actually finished ahead of schedule!

A Live In-Store Broadcast

microphoneYears ago, we were asked if there was any way for us to broadcast a live celebration of the 75th anniversary of a mass merchandise customer. At first, the task sounded daunting, but our engineers came up with a way to broadcast live from the corporate headquarters. The program included live messages from the president of the company, lots of interviews and old commercials and jingles. All of the employees and customers of the 2,400 store chain were able to listen to our coverage of the festivities—making them feel as if they were actually there!

Reduced Costs: Saved a Major Drug Store Chain Thousands on Equipment

CustomBackgroundMusicWhen we approached one of the nation’s biggest drug store chains about switching to our music program, they weren’t sure that they needed to make a change. We asked many questions about the ways that the company was transmitting data between headquarters and the stores. It was determined that we could send a music feed to the existing satellite uplink and the feed could be transmitted to the stores from there, eliminating thousands of dollars in equipment costs at the store level. This innovation, together with our aggressive pricing made it an easy decision for this retailer to switch to MTI.

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Loss Prevention Messaging

Promotional-MessagingOne of our Background Music Case Studies involved the use of in-store music network to transmit loss prevention messages. They used a combination of satellite delivery and CDs. We worked with the customer to include the messages in both programs. Adding the security messages at the end of promotional content for merchandise made the loss prevention messages sound less ominous, but did the trick. And, we produced the messages in English and Spanish, too. This creative solution helped our customer sell more merchandise and reduce theft.

A Custom Program for a Convenience Store Chain, Eliminating Constant Messages for the Music Provider

needleA convenience store chain came to MTI Digital to inquire about our in-store music and message program. It seems that their music provider was running hourly messages touting its own music. The convenience store wanted to promote their fresh coffee, prepared foods and loyalty program. They wanted to know whether we could give them a program with great music and exclusively their own messages. We developed a program (not a canned program) that included only the retailer’s messages and custom lyric and content-checked music, too. At MTI, we know who the customer is and it’s not us!

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As you have explored our Background Music Case Studies, we hope you have gained valuable insights into the significant role that well-curated background music plays in enhancing business environments. Each case study is a reflection of MTI Digital's dedication to delivering customized music solutions that align perfectly with the unique character and needs of every business we partner with.