5 Reasons you NEED a professional music system for your Restaurant

enjoying5 Reasons you NEED a professional music system for your Restaurant

The music that you choose to have in your store (or lack thereof) says a lot about your restaurant’s brand. Seemingly small factors such as the type of music you play and it’s volume can have a huge impact on both brand perception, and customer behavior in ways that you may not expect. In this article we’ll break down some of the key effects an in-store music program can have on your restaurant, such as…

Enhance store atmosphere!

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant without music? The clank of forks on plates and the chatter of conversation can give customers a memorable evening—just not in the way you want. As the owner of a restaurant, you want to make sure you provide the most enjoyable experience possible.  Adding music helps clear dead silences, and dampens background noise, making for a much more pleasant atmosphere in your restaurant. Whether they’re waiting to pick up food or a waiter to arrive, a solid background music programs helps the customer have a more positive experience and will make them more likely to return.

Direct customer behavior!

The effects of an instore music system can go beyond the passive and can have direct influences on a customer’s behavior. The National Restaurant Association recently discovered that customers finished their food 30% faster when listening to up tempo music, which can get customers in and out that much faster during peak hours.

Promote Items!

The suggestive power of music can have concrete effects on your sales as well! One study found that a fine restaurant playing French music sold more French wines, and sold more German wines when German music was playing. The music you play for your customers can have a subliminal effect on promoting sales for certain items.

Reinforce brand image!

The right music will can be a powerful tool in promoting the image of your restaurant the way you want.  Upbeat, pop music can give your restaurant a fun, easy-going atmosphere, while a slower program, with classical music can give your restaurant a more upscale appeal. Deploying the right music is the perfect way to connect with your customers and give them a fuller impression of your restaurant’s brand identity.

Inform customers!

The advantage of having a professional in-store music program is more than just music.  With an instore music system you can include ads and promotional messages and with a great deal of specificity! You can choose to have a specific type of voice actor to convey your message, and have specific messaging for holidays and seasonal events. You can even choose to run the in the ads in a select number of stores.