Black Friday and Background Music

If there ever was an argument in favor of whether music can affect your business environment, it’s the annual introduction of holiday music.  And, speaking of arguments, the date on which you start to add some Johnny Mathis and Darlene Love to your playlist is certain to start some internal arguments as well.

If you’re starting to stock your shelves with green and red scarves and wrapping paper and tinsel, you’re likely going to want to start to add holiday music to your playlist to get your customers ‘in the mood’ and ‘in the spirit’.   If your business doesn’t sound like Christmas, there’s a good chance your customer will think holiday gifts while they’re at your competitor who does.

Variety has a different meaning during the holiday.

There is, and there always will be, a finite number of holiday songs.   Each year, many artists put out a holiday album, but most of the songs are new versions of old classics.  This means that your background music holiday format will include many covers of All I Want for Christmas is You.  And that’s how it should be.

So, a good and effective holiday playlist could include the version by Mariah Carey, a rendition by Justin Bieber and a cover by Idina Menzel.  The point is:  there are only so many different songs to include in a holiday playlist, but the various interpretations of them are what give the format interest and variety.

Every year, we’re hoping some of the popular artists will introduce a new holiday classic, but it doesn’t happen every year.