So, How Does Your Business Sound Without Background Music?

storeSo, How Does Your Business Sound Without Background Music?


People like to visit bustling, busy spaces.   That’s why it’s fun to go to the mall, to the fair or to a concert.   When your business sounds deathly quiet, it gives the impression it is not doing well and is unpopular.   Imagine eating dinner at a restaurant at 8:00 on a Saturday night and being the only customer.   Would you wonder why other people weren’t there?   Would you be concerned about the quality of the food and the level of the service?   Your customers want to frequent businesses that sound lively and popular and music helps to create that perception even during slow hours.


There’s something about a really quiet space that can create a concern about safety.   A recent study conducted by Trendsource found that the second biggest concern of convenience store customers is safety, just slightly below location.  Women especially, may be reluctant to stop into a c-store if it is quiet and emptyBackground music creates a sense that others are there and lessens potential safety concerns.  If your business is open late at night, creating an atmosphere that is inviting and familiar will encourage customers to come in.

A quiet business environment makes some customers feel as if they are being surveilled or watched as they shop.   This leads to shorter shopping times and less opportunities to create sales.   An in-store music program will keep the customers in your business longer as they relax while hearing music that they are familiar with while they shop.



So, what do your customers hear when they’re not hearing a custom in-store background music program?

For starters, they hear cranky babies, sneezing, coughing and other unappealing bodily sounds.   Let’s say you’re operating a grocery store.  Do you want your customers to be concerned about whether that last sneeze they heard was landing on your fresh display of apples?

In a pharmacy, do you want your customers to hear coughing that might raise concerns about airborne viruses and bacteria?

And, in a restaurant, the couple a few tables down may be recovering from the flu, but still need to blow their noses while you’re trying to eat your soup.   Yuck.

Music does an amazing job of setting the mood and masking the inevitable signs and sounds of ailing customers in your business.


Anything but Private?

Customers expect some level of confidentiality when they come into your business.

Music will make it easier for your customers to speak honestly to a bank teller, to the pharmacist, their car salesperson or even to each other.   A romantic dinner for two can turn into a silent meal if the people at the next table can hear every sweet nothing you utter.

Most people don’t like their conversations to be heard by others.




Do your customers want other customers to hear their credit score or about the infection they just can’t get rid of?  Install an in-store music program and create a sense of privacy for private conversations.



So, you’ve chosen the signage in your business to reflect your brand.   And you’ve chosen just the right bags to pack up your customers’ purchases.   Your logo is perfect, and the colors are just right.   But, your business is quiet and the sounds your customers are hearing include cell phone conversations, air conditioner fans, the whirr of coolers and shuffling feet.

Your customers experience your business with all their senses.   So, don’t ignore the sound.   Make a statement and claim your identity.

Music can solidify your brand and your customers will hear and feel it the minute they walk through your doors.


You’ve run into the convenience store to pick up a quick lottery ticket for a big upcoming jackpot.  The line is long, but the jackpot’s $50,000,000!   You want to stay in line, but it’s so boring just waiting.   Wouldn’t it better, if instead of listening to the parents in front of you argue with their kids about buying slushies, you were listening to your favorite song?

Have you run into a drug store to pick up the aspirin you’re running out of?   The customer in front of you is asking about discounts, circulars and coupons, taking up the clerk’s time and yours.  Do you leave the store out of impatience and boredom?  Hearing a classic oldie while you wait may bring back fond memories and change boring to pleasant nostalgia.   How many sales have you lost due to customer boredom?


The custom music formats created by MTI Digital for your business will create the mood, set the stage and complete the experience.     Today’s in-store music programs from MTI Digital are inexpensive and easy to install

Everyone loves music!  Your customers and employees do, too.

So, there’s really no reason not to play music in your business.   In fact, there are so many compelling reasons to suggest that you need it.   And, by the way, those cranky babies that were mentioned above may be the reason that your customers left the house to go shopping in the first place!