C-Stores Operators— When it Comes to Advertising, Audio is the Way to Go!

supermarketWhen it comes to advertising, there are now more options than ever before! From TVs to posters and signage, there are so many options for convenience store owners to connect with their customers. It’s important to know which one gives you the most bang for your buck. An advertisement is successful if it increases sales and if it can be recalled later by the customer. For these results, there’s a growing amount of evidence that suggests audio is the way to go!

One of the most important features of audio advertising is that it can’t be overlooked. Music creates an emotional connection with the listener that draws them in ways that other forms of media do not. Having your message sandwiched between songs makes it more likely for consumers to accept ads and consume them. Just think about the last time you got a catchy jingle stuck in your head.
Your customers have to stop to consume video content, but they are constantly consuming audio. There’s no on/off button for their ears!

A study from iHeartMedia, found that audio ads outperformed video ads when it came to recall in seven of the eight tests they ran. In one test, the recall for audio ads was 220% greater than for video ads, proving the higher level of engagement with audio ads.

The strong recall factor of in-store, and pump side radio advertising translates into sales, and there’s research to back it up. According to an article in thedrum.com, “a Nielsen study found that advertisers on terrestrial radio received an average of more than $6 in brick-and-mortar retail sales for every $1 they spent.”

A study by Mediavest found even stronger evidence between audio advertising and purchases. By studying what media the consumer was exposed to before making a purchase, they found the strongest correlation between a purchase and exposure to audio advertising. Additionally, there was a 90% or greater correlation between purchase consideration across categories and exposure to any audio in the half-hour prior, far exceeding the numbers for digital video (33%), print (53%) and television (55%).”
The research is clear. Messages using a combination of instore-radio and pump side radio make your c-store customers more receptive to your message. They are also more likely to remember the messages and to be motivated to increase their purchases. Contact MTI Digital to hear about the most effective ways to increase sales in your convenience stores today.