DIY vs Professional Speaker Installation– Which is Right for Your Store?

speakerDental work, legal defense, and haircuts. There are some things you just shouldn’t do yourself, and in-store speaker installation is another one. If you want top service for your brick and mortar store, then it is best left to professionals who can draw upon their extensive skills and experience to give you the most technologically sophisticated system possible.

The first advantage of a professional speaker installation is that you can be sure that your whole store is covered. A professional can pull off trickier speaker placements, achieving things for your business that a basic speaker system cannot. For retail stores this comes in handy for getting sound into places like your breakroom, or your restroom. You can trust their knowledge of placement and acoustics to ensure music will be evenly distributed across your store.

Professional music systems also have special features that you won’t find in your standard speaker system. For convenience stores, this can mean having a set of speakers inside your store, that play one set of music and ads, and another speaker outside of your store playing another set. You also get the option of integrating “Music on Hold,” into your system, which adds hold music to your phone line, keeping customers on the line longer.

“Most commercial sound systems are not wired like regular home systems” says Bob Hays, our Director of Technical Services.  “They are call distributive sound systems.  They use transformers on each speaker to allow for a greater number of speakers to be added.  The electrical design is different from your home system.”

According to Bob, you’re much better off having a professional install your custom music system, versus doing it yourself.  Not only will a professional do it better, they’ll also do it faster, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business.

“An experienced installer will spend about 30 minutes running wire and installing a commercial speaker,” Bob says.

Aside from the obvious time and headache saved, a licensed professional will have the tools and know how to get past common problems. You’ll have access to a much more advanced speaker system that will lead to better customer experiences and a better bottom line.