Effective Strategies For Creating An Atmosphere: Playing Background Music In Businesses & Stores

How often do you think of the background music for business as a marketing tool? Most of the time, as long as it isn’t too loud or annoying, we consider the music in stores to be background noise. The background music can influence our moods and behaviors even when we are unaware of what is being played. This can impact how long we spend in a store and whether we make impulse purchases.

The correct music in the store will entice clients and enhance their overall shopping experience. It’s critical for organizations to comprehend how in-store music curation can contribute to a setting that enhances brand identity and boosts sales.


Why is Background Music Important?

Before we dive into the effective strategies to create the right atmosphere in-store, it is crucial to understand the importance of background music. It goes beyond just having something playing in the background. It is an effective marketing tool to enhance the store experience and to shape a customer’s mood and decisions.

The proper curation contributes to the creation of an experience that is consistent with the identity and values of the business. For example, it would be jarring for customers to listen to heavy metal music while shopping for a bed or pillows. The music chosen must calm the customers and make them feel at peace. When they are calm, it sets the tone for customer service staff to convince them better as their attitudes have been shaped.

Now that we know the crucial role of background music in retail, we can examine the practical and effective strategies businesses can use to create an ambiance unlike any other.


The Background Music is Not Just for You

It is normal to want to have music that you like playing over the speakers. It is important to remember that just because you enjoy a specific genre, it might not be appropriate for the store or your target audience. So even though you, your employees, or store managers may want to have their playlists blasting over the speaker systems, it is crucial to understand that the best background music for your store is what matches your brand.

At first, this could seem complicated, but you can start by establishing the tone and personality of your brand. The choice of a sound that is consistent with your brand voice will not only create a more unified brand identity but will also boost sales because buyers will be impacted by the music they hear.


Once you know what genre or style of music fits your brand, you can take it further to play what matches your customer demographic and preferences. You can do so by identifying the preferences and interests of your ideal shopper. Once you have that in mind, you can curate a playlist matching their tastes and preferences.

Only Use Music from a Legal Source

Most businesses neglect this essential point despite its importance. When choosing whether to play music in stores, you must take legality into account. The use of music in public places is subject to several laws and regulations, so just because you have access to CDs, or a streaming service does not automatically make it legal.

Playing music without a license can have severe ramifications, frequently leading to hefty fines. Therefore, be cautious to verify the guidelines and utilize only officially licensed music when choosing what to play.

Keep the Needs of Your Staff in Mind

For instance, customers can browse the options offered on a self-service kiosk and quickly find the information they need. Ultimately, this allows the store’s customer support representatives to concentrate on other tasks.


The foundation of good customer service is a happy staff. As you find and curate the proper mix of songs, be sure to exclude monotonous tracks. When curating the playlist, there must be a balance between what matches the business’s personality, the customers’ preferences, and what would keep the employees happy and engaged.

Now that you understand how vital it is to develop an environment for the store. You are prepared to move forward. With more than three decades of experience in the industry, we have created background music for a wide range of businesses. Get in touch with us today and we can collaborate to give your consumers the best shopping experience possible.