Getting More From Your Background Music Program Using Advertising

supermarketA custom background music program can provide many practical benefits beyond just an audio soundtrack. One huge benefit that may be overlooked is the power of broadcasting ads in your program. In-store messages can be an extremely valuable tool to inform your customers and increase sales.

MTI pioneered in-store messaging programs almost 30 years ago, and to this day it’s still the most effective way to connect with your customers while they’re in your store.

Unlike signs and screens, which have to be strategically placed, an instore audio message hits the widest audience possible – every time. As your customers’ ears are primed by the music, you have their undivided attention, which is the perfect time to engage with them. This makes the background audio program the best way to let your customers know about upcoming events, sales and promotions.

And, a really experienced in-store music provider will help your business find creative ways to reach your customers, promote your brand and identify creative ways to keep your customers coming back.

What makes a custom advertising program even more effective is the fact that just like music, the ads can be tailored to a particular store, the entire chain or to an unlimited number of store groups.   That’s especially helpful for businesses that are spread out across the country, as the messages can be programmed to run regionally. Ads can run as soon—and as often as you would like, which assures that customers can be kept up to date with what’s going on in a timely manner.

With in-store audio messages, there’s no waiting for the next edition of the newspaper to begin a promotion.

Beyond being informative, an in-store advertising campaign can lead to concrete results to your bottom line. Playing ads can influence purchasing decisions and encourage impulse buys when customers have money in hand. It’s the perfect time to broadcast information regarding new products and promote sales and cross promotional events.

One way to make money with an in-store messaging system that you may not think of is with vendor advertising. By partnering with your vendors to create custom messages, they are able to speak to customers directly while they are in your business.  You will be able to create a whole new revenue source by charging for access to your in-store airtime. In time, your advertising program could pay for itself!

If you have a background music system, you may want to consider including messages in your program.   You may have a lot to gain by adding a well thought out, tasteful and targeted message marketing strategy to your existing background music program.