The Most Important Factor in Selecting a Background Music Provider

Creative and engaging background music is not the most important aspect of your business. After all, it’s important that your customers come through the door. It’s important that your credit card machines are connected and that your business looks appealing, clean and uncluttered.Note Square

You probably won’t think much about your music as long as everything is going smoothly and the music and messages are playing as scheduled. And it should do just that over 99% of the time.

But, should there ever be a problem with your background music because the equipment fails or a cable becomes unplugged, it’s a whole different story. Your business is plunged into silence and your customers stop shopping to the beats and singing along to familiar tunes. Chances are your associates won’t be as motivated and productive. Suddenly music becomes very important in its absence.

Will you hear back from your music provider when you really need them……not just when they’re trying to make a sale?

It’s important that your in-store background music provider is accessible to you at all hours and that they call you back as soon as you reach out to them. The companies that wait a day or two or more before returning your call are costing you days of doing business in that soundless atmosphere. Those extra days without music will seem like an audio eternity.

Your background music company should provide you with ways to reach them day and night, on weekends and on holidays. And they should make it a priority to get your music and messages back up and running in the shortest possible amount of time.

It’s easy to give good customer service when everything is going well. But it’s important to know the kind of service you will get when there is a problem. Be sure your background music provider has the best service reputation in the business. Be sure that they get back to you whether it’s good or bad news. And be sure they put a rescue plan in effect immediately after getting a report.