Custom and Prepackaged Background Music Maker

CustomBackgroundMusic2At MTI Digital, we create custom music formats just for you. We know that your business is unique and in order to enhance your audio environment, the background music maker has to be just right. If you can hear it or imagine it, we’ll create it for your business.

Our team engages in a thorough consultation process to grasp your specific needs and preferences. From there, we blend art and technology to craft a bespoke audio environment. This involves selecting the right genres, tempos, and artists to match the mood you wish to set, whether it's upbeat and energetic or calm and soothing.

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AJ's Market"Our guests and team members are loving the music program and our messages sound great. We all agree we made the best decision when we decided to go with MTI."


Music Formats

Sound-System-Design-and-InstallationAll of our music is fully licensed, recorded by the original artists and fully vetted to ensure appropriate lyrics and content.  Our library contains hundreds of thousands of songs, so we’ll include lots of music in your custom playlist.  Your customers and associates will hear great sounding variety every day.

And, we also have popular, fully curated formats that we can provide to your business, including:

  • Adult Contemporary
  • Country
  • Urban
  • Hispanic
  • Top 40
  • And More

We work hard to be sure that your music is updated regularly because we never want your format to sound tired or dated.

Holiday Background Music Maker

santa-hatWe’re known for and pride ourselves on our custom crafted Holiday Formats that include lots of upbeat music designed specifically to create the sounds of the season and get your customers in the holiday spirit.

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