Operating on the Sound System in Your Business

soundWhy Use a Sledgehammer When a Scalpel Will Do?

The right-sized sound system package for your background music program is a little like brain surgery and it should never demolish your budget. Be sure to look for a company that has years of experience with diagnosing potential tweaks before you agree to overhaul or make additions to your existing background music sound system.
Music companies and sound system installers may try to talk you into spending big money on an expensive rehab to get the “right” sound in your business.
Keep in mind that your background music doesn’t require the fidelity of a home stereo system or your local concert hall. But, it does require solid sound that is heard evenly in all the areas where your customers may be.Operating on the Sound System in your Business

Ask yourself these questions before committing to a major and expensive project.

1. What is the age of the amplifier that is feeding your speakers?

Sometimes, just replacing an old or faulty amp will make all of the speakers sound like new.

2. Are there any dead spots in your store?

You may just need an extra speaker to cover that area.

3. Are there areas where it is especially noisy?

Areas that are near coolers or HVAC units may require an extra speaker or a booster to increase the volume of the music.

4. Are there any areas with an existing speaker where you just can’t hear the music?

You may just need a new speaker.

5. Are you hearing static in your music and message program?

Chances are, you have some faulty wiring. The rest of your hardware may be working just fine and the wire may need to be replaced.

All of the above solutions require a steady hand and a thoughtful analysis to repair and improve the sound in your business.
Be sure to ask for a diagnosis first before agreeing to take a sledgehammer to your existing sound system.