Picking the Background Music for Your Business: What You Like vs. What’s Right

musicHere’s the good news about the background music for your business. Everyone loves music. Here’s the bad news about music for your business. Everyone loves music.

What this means is that everyone is passionate about music. They think their taste is the best and the most sophisticated and that they are the second coming of Dick Clark.

With the advent of the iPod, everyone is in fact, their own program director and they believe that their iPod contains magical music that everyone else should covet and cherish.

When it comes to music for your business, you want to choose the ‘right’ music. Do you want to create an atmosphere? Do you want to choose music that matches your customer demographics? Do your customers live in the city or are they country folk? Are they young, old, male or female?

You should be able to work with your background music provider to create an ideal playlist for your customers primarily; but it should also appeal to your employees. It should include music that has been tested and curated for your specific demographic. And it must include a lot of variety.

Variety is important, but you need to be realistic.

But……it may not include enough variety for Betty Jo, who works in sporting goods. Betty Jo may have to be reminded that she is in the store for over 8 hours a day, but the customer typically spends 20 minutes in the store. Betty Jo might think that she has better music on her iPod. But, what she has is her ‘favorite’ music.

Be prepared for comments when you put in a background music program. Everyone loves music, but the music they love may not be right for your business. Unless the music has objectionable lyrics, chances are that your music provider has done their research and knows what will play in your business and what won’t.

Thank Betty Jo for her comments and tell her that you’ll bring them up with the music provider at the next meeting.