Return on Investment from Your In-Store Background Music Program

We often hear this statement: “I’d like to add background music in my business, but I don’t see an ROI from the program”.    That always startles us because businesses often spend thousands of dollars on consultants who may or may not be right about the direction they suggest.   Or, they spend money on a superior floor mat.  Not a bad idea, but is there really a return on the additional investment?


Your customers and your employees will probably never know about your expensive consultants and your upgraded floor mats.   And, after all, aren’t your customers and employees the most important components of a successful business?   The minute you start playing background music in your business, you can feel the difference it makes.   Customers sing along and sometimes even dance along.  They spend more time in your store.  Employees become more productive and less bored.  People feel safer in an environment with familiar music.  And don’t you want your customers to feel safe and comfortable when they are your guest?


When you include messages in your background music program, you can direct your customers to specific items that they may not have thought of.  You can promote sales and features.   Chances are that at the minimum, one unplanned purchase will be made in your store during the courseroi-icon of a month.   And, if that purchase is around the $30 range, you have already paid for the background music service including the equipment.  So, you’ve already recouped your full investment.


Oh, and with two purchases during the course of a month, you’ve seen a 100% return on investment.


Don’t forget that if you sell advertising to your vendors, you can realize new revenue that you wouldn’t have ever seen before.


We’re not sure how the ROI works when you improve the mats that your customers use to wipe their feet.  But, we do know this:  Music is more fun than a floor mat and more tangible than a consultant and everyone loves music.