USA TODAY looks into the effects of sound on customer behavior

restuarantHearing is one of the most important senses that we rely on for information about our environment. Because of this, sound has a HUGE impact on the way we behave. There are several different aspects of your customer’s behavior that are affected by the music playing around them and these behaviors can be applicable as a means to increase sales in your business.

As a business owner, you can use sound to your advantage by installing a professional custom background music program.

As a recent USA Today article by Jeff Stibel points out:

“The effect of music on purchasing has been widely studied, both in retail stores and restaurants. Music playing in retail stores makes customers stay longer and spend more, and the same is true at restaurants. There is evidence to suggest that the sound of lively chatter in a restaurant stimulates diners to stay longer and eat more.”

In their example, the sound of chatter enhances the atmosphere of the restaurant, which makes customers more at ease, and more likely to linger. This energetic atmosphere can also be achieved with upbeat, and fast tempo music.

The article also mentions that louder music can lead to more impulsive purchases as well, since a customer is more likely to get caught up in the moment with a sensory overload.  Although the example that they gave was for restaurants, this principle is applicable to all types of stores if tailored correctly.

If your store has been seeming kind of dull lately, it may be time to upgrade to a custom background music program, as an easy way to retain customers and keep them entertained.