3 Important Tips for Planning Your In-Store Music Program

tableBy now you’re probably well aware of the HUGE benefits of having a custom in-store radio program and you may be thinking of installing one in your business. Before you get started, it helps to determine what you want to accomplish with it! Having an effective plan of action can mean the difference between having an in-store music radio system as an expense and a system that is able to generate additional income. Here are three things you should keep in mind:

Tip One

When planning your program, first consider, “What do you want achieve with your music.” As a business owner you have the greatest insight into your company’s strengths and vulnerabilities. There are several aspects of customer behavior that can be influenced by music, so needs will vary from business to business. You can refer to some of our earlier articles to learn the specific effects an in-store music program can have on customer behavior. Using these effects to your advantage can help to increase sales. If you have a chain of stores, a professional in-store music program will  give you the ability to  target specific stores with different types of music and messages to address regional needs.


Tip Two

The second thing to consider is: How does this music complement my business atmosphere? Let’s say you decide to go with a fast, upbeat program for your new taco restaurant to match your customer demographics. Within the genre of fast paced music there are lots of differences. A program filled with upbeat TOP 40 hits gives your restaurant a cool, hip edge, whereas going with faced paced salsa music would give it an authentic feel. Neither option is necessarily right or wrong, it all depends on what best fits your vision for the business and the rest of your marketing strategy.


Tip Three

Finally, consider introducing messages to your in-store music program.  Some may worry that messages might push customers away, but this is far from the truth! In addition to selling products, and letting your customers know about upcoming events and news, a well produced, targeted ad can be a powerful tool to reinforce your brand image and increase sales.   Messaging is a direct line of communication between you and your customers.

If you consider these three tips before designing your in-store radio program, you can improve your business environment, entertain your customers and sell more products.